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And besides, whether your hair is long or short… Whether you talk like you do now, or like you did back then… Either way, you’re cute.

That’s how I was with my BF XD

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Dining Etiquette Around The World, an infographic by Restaurant Choice

via Feel Design

are these relevant or clichés to you?

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Short Story: World of Land

By B.R. Cuellar (A.K.A Renwordsmith)

Here is where I stand, within the grand azure sky. Where buildings are massive structures of white clouds hovering above me. Enormous bodies compare to mine, yet they weigh no heavier than I. The wind arrives and becomes a maker of art. Invisible hands alter the clouds’ shape, similar to how a pottery maker transforms mud into a vase with one lasting spin of the table. The world was magic, up and beyond and even down into the depths. In this great domain of the sky, only winged creatures live in this wondrous place.
However, I am not as big or tall as humans. But looking at them from here, they’re smaller than the eyes on my tiny feathered head. Hummingbirds are tiny and magical as our friendly allies, the bees. Did you guess it? Yes, I am a hummingbird, and I’m small enough to fit in your palm. Just don’t crush me because I’m very delicate. But don’t underestimate my size, for I can fly faster than a bee.
The human world. As frightening as it can be, I can’t seem to shake off this curiosity. As much as I enjoy being in the company of clouds and fellow winged friends, I prefer the bottom realm of the sky. Most of the times I take on this daring adventure on land by myself, but today, my buzzy friend decided to join me.
A friend, who’s neither a hummingbird nor any type of bird, flies beside me. He’s a bee, five times smaller than me. He and I venture to the long journey. Though, the dangers didn’t matter to us, only our curiosities. Before I go any further, you may wonder as to why there’s a single bee roaming in the skies without a colony. This old friend was exiled by his colony after his stinger broke in half. My bee friend was nearly flattened by an object humans use to cook food. So it was either his stinger or his whole life. He made a difficult choice. Without a proper stinger, you’re considered a stranger to the whole colony you grew up with since you were a larva.
Oh, the delicacy of larva and worms wiggling out of a fresh pile of mud makes my tummy hurt. But this wasn’t the time for lunch! I had to focus on my flight. Though flying this long and fast had dehydrated my throat, and a flower bud sounds delicious right about now. So side tracked I was in my thoughts that I didn’t notice we had reached the world of land. I glanced at the sky and everything I knew became the opposite. It was the clouds that have shrunken down in size and humans became the massive structures.
Quickly, I chose the nearest tree I could find and hid deep within. My feathers matched the color of green leaves so I could pretend to be one of them. But the red stripe on my head was a dead giveaway if anyone climbed the tree. I looked around, searching for my buzzy friend, though my eyes wandered on the towers. So high they were I wouldn’t be able to reach the peak without taking a break or two. Further below me were metal objects that seemed to move the way my buzzy friend and his colony move above the collected honey. My friend, my buzzy little friend, I thought. Where was he?
I took a deep breath and puffed out my pin-size chest and wings. I darted out of the tree and confronted the alien world. Goodness me! So many eyes surrounding me wherever I go. I nearly crashed into a human’s face. My presence must have frightened one of them as they cried out while waving their type of wings all around.
“Bee!” the human shrieked. “Bee! Bee!”
Bee? Me? How silly can this human be to assume I’m small enough to look like puny bee? The question struck me as I flew higher over the sailing beings. My eyes were still searching for my friend. It was impossible to find him in this flood of massive Gods. My focus turned to a flower patch sitting on the wall of one of the towers. So dry was my throat for one sip of sweet nectar, my wings carried me towards the patch in one swift. So close! Sweet Nectar!
Then, ouch.
My body bounced back and I nearly would have lost my rhythm of flight if I hadn’t come to my senses quickly enough. Have I somehow hit the wall instead of the flower’s lips? The second attempt I make, I fail and land on the edge instead of the fall. I don’t understand…the flowers were before me, but some sort of barrier was keeping me out. While I analyze this phenomenon power, a human emerges from behind the flowers.
Since I arrived to this land, my eyes saw the same face. Every human was the same from size, looks, and behavior. That’s all I ever notice in humans because I move just as fast as an arrow. So everything in my perspective is a blur when I take flight. But, as I sit frozen on the ledge, hoping the human doesn’t see me, I take in the human’s appearance for the first time. This one is stunning. That’s the only word I can describe this being. Out of all the colors in other hummingbirds and she-hummingbirds, this human had the features of a flower. Her eyes shaded in rich blue like the sky with her odd feathers over her head that reminded me of the color of the bark of an oak tree.
She looked through the invisible barrier with a long sigh. Strangely, her eyes were gazing at the sky where I have come from. Her gaze matched like mine when I looked down at the world of land.
Then, I witnessed an unusual phenomenon. I can’t explain its form. Water crept out of her eyes, streaming down her face like a thin riverbed. Her lovely blue eyes turned swollen and red. She couldn’t stop producing these droplets, and the more she made, the heavier they seemed on her face. Her head bowed, causing her bark colored hair to hide the streaming water. Then she reached a square plate nearby and brought it up close to her face. At that moment, the human broke. Utterly shattered that I could hear her voice from the other side of the barrier while she slowly collapsed.
I should be concern over my bee friend’s safety, but this human…watching her gave me an ache in my chest. Her sorrow became contagious. She didn’t realize she was sharing this pain with me. Why? I want to ask. Why are you breaking, human? My answer appeared when her hand released the square plate. My wings thrust and I hovered enough to see the rock that shattered this she-human into pieces. The square plate contained a miniature size replica of the pretty she-human and there was another beside her. I want to believe that the other human was like me, a He-hummingbird because of the distinct physical traits from the She-human. Here, she wasn’t broken. The She-human was radiant as a blooming lily in the spring with no sign of withering. I wanted to understand why this She-human before me and the miniature version were so opposite from each other. I turned my attention to the He-human. Was he responsible for the She-human’s misery?
Suddenly, my body received a wave of warning, telling me to fly away or something dangerous would happen. I couldn’t ignore this feeling since it has always been my key to survival in this life of a minuscule bird. Before I left, the She-human finally took notice of my existence with those swollen flooded eyes. Our eyes locked into each other. I needed to leave, though I wanted to tell her, “No more water, she-human.” But the only way I could communicate this sentence was an odd pattern of flight up and down and side to side movements. There was a poor chance she understood my behavior. However, to my imagination, I spotted a shed of light underneath those glassy eyes of despair. Right then, the She-human could have smiled if time allowed it, but I disappeared from her view.
My friend, I needed to find him. Suddenly, an awful wind blew me off course, throwing my body against the rough ledge of the tower. The shock paralyzed my feathers so I couldn’t fly. Then the image of the he-human came back to me. His face and eyes, so familiar in my head. Why? I opened one eye and saw a shadow soaring in the sky. I needed to move. My head failed to focus and couldn’t lift off from the ground. The shadow approached closer and closer until a flash of talons was in my sight.
Everything went black.

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The sun in his hands…

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Need all three of them!

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Stories I Want to Read But Am too Lazy to Write


  • Ancient Alexandrian-inspired fantasy.
  • Ancient Carthaginian-inspired fantasy.
  • Seriously, have you seen its port? That’s a major naval power filled with major opportunities for fight scenes at sea. And it’s pretty too.
  • Historical fiction or fantasy or sci fi about traders who travel to tons of…
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Makoto sempaiiii  

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8 Common Novel Writing Mistakes Even Good Writers May Make

(Source: characterandwritinghelp)

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hiallhyles AND maryannk01

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Hey everyone, I was curious if anyone out there has a Nintendo 3DS, has Animal Crossing New Leaf game, and needs a friend. I need a friend. I love this game and I wouldn’t mind having a friend to play with on this game. Please, add me for A.C. Friend code: 5429-8202-1944

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MISS DREAM IS ON IT! Look at this amazing piece so damn fast I love them!

Read about it on their site, or click the image, or the source link!

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I’m feeling proud of myself for putting more attention to my book at this moment. Ever since I bought myself an iPad, I customize it where everything about my book will be in is tablet. Of course, I have to take good care of my book because it is like my child, my treasure, and yes, my precious. Hahahahaha. So the This year is not over yet and my book will not be put aside anymore.